Over time, we will blog about Ring Structures in diverse texts – as befits the loose structure of a blog, not in a particular methodic fashion, but rather one example at a time. Examples will probably include (and completed entries will be linked from this list):

  • an Article in the German weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT;
  • the Gospel of Mark;
  • Sally Rooney’s novel Normal People (2014);
  • the 2023 album by Kevin Rowland and Dexy’s, The Feminine Divine;
  • the podcast Sugar Maple, from which the blog takes its title;
  • 16 century German pamphlets on Ivan IV. „the Terrible“
  • …to be continued

Hopefully, from the description a number of common elements will arise that go towards a theory of Ring Structure, and in particular the meaning that the form as such carries. This attempt is informed by Structuralist Semiotics that hold that form and contect of a text are inextricably linked, and that the form shapes the meaning of a text in different ways from the actual concepts that are made explicit.